The American Bulldog is a beloved family pet for many owners. This breed has a very distinguished appearance. It has a muscular, sturdy frame which, unlike British Bulldogs, sits higher on the leg, making it more agile and quick. The males tend to be stockier while the females are more refined. Both have large heads with muscular cheeks, square jaws, and broad, square muzzles. The heads sit on a thick, stocky neck, which sometimes has a dewlap, and leads down to a wide, deep chest. This breed has a greater variety of ear types than the British Bulldog, ranging from cropped to half-pricked, rose to forward flap. These dogs are very athletic, light and agile on their feet. They have an average litter size of 11 puppies, can live up to 16 years and grow upwards of 10 Stone.

American Bulldog Training & Temperament

In terms of temperament, the American Bulldog makes a great family pet, so long as they receive proper canine training. They are loyal, reliable, determined and brave. They love children and will be very protective of them; however, they also have an instinctual prey drive, and should be watched closely when near children. Like British Bulldogs, this breed tends to be very protective of its owners, so it’s important to establish the dog’s role in the pack at an early age during canine training. They respond well to a stern and confident pack leader and are most happy when they understand their place within the family pack. This breed can become stir crazy if they are not allowed to expel their energy, so plenty of mental and physical exercise is encouraged for dog care. Owners should not shy away from intense physical activity such as canine sporting events or agility training. There are dog training and puppy socialisation classes available in almost every area. We highly recommend JD Dog Training and Behaviour ( if you live in Milton Keynes, Northampton, or the surrounding areas.

American Bulldog Health Information

American Bulldogs are prone to hip dysplasia which requires corrective surgery if it becomes severe. A healthy diet and proper weight will help to prevent this degenerative condition; however, it should be noted that this condition is largely due to heredity. Some may be prone to ichthyosis—a genetic skin disease—for which there is no cure, but there are treatments. Currently, about 40% of American Bulldogs carry the mutated gene for this disease. However, being a carrier for the gene does not mean they will have the disease, only that it could be passed on to their puppies. They tend to drool and slobber, so potentially timid owners should be aware of this. The breed is an average shedder with a short, harsh coat that is easy to groom. Dog care should include the occasional bath, but only when necessary, as well as long walks every day to help them expel their active energy. Don’t forget to bring pet waste bags during walks! You should always prepare for any accidents, in and out of the house